What is the difference between Sans and a pitcher filter such as Brita?

Pitcher filters, such as Brita, and refrigerator filters feature a single carbon filter that can remove sediment, cloudiness and particulate matter that contributes to poor tasting water.

Unfortunately, they do not remove the majority of contaminants that can lead to unsafe water and poor health. This is where Sans comes in.

Sans features a 4-stage Reverse Osmosis filter and a UV-C light to produce the healthiest water, free of heavy metals, viruses & bacteria, PFAS (and PFOS) and microplastics.

Why does it matter to have Reverse Osmosis filtration?

Reverse Osmosis is the gold standard of water purification and the only technology that can remove all of the impurities that contribute to unhealthy drinking water.

Typically, Reverse Osmosis systems require installation and take up space under your kitchen counter. The Sans Water Purifier gives best-in-class purification with no installation whatsoever.

Why does the Sans Water Purifier also feature a UV-C light?

The UV-C Light in the Sans Water Purifier acts as a final layer of defense against contaminated water. The UV light also keeps the machine itself clean.