Sans for Your Basement

Eliminate 99.97% of dust, odors, viruses, bacteria and more from your basement.

Keep the air in your basement healthy and fresh for your family and guests.


Covers up to 780 sq. ft. and is smart enough to take care of itself. Set it, forget it, and breathe easy.

30 day home trial
5 year warranty
Fast, free shipping

Constant Monitors Your Air

Using proprietary SmartPure technology, Sans constantly monitors your air quality and shows you in real-time what your AQI (Air Quality Index) number is.


Sans also uses this data to adjust filtration automatically so you can have peace of mind your air is getting the exact filtering it needs without you having to lift a finger.

Lightweight and Portable

Sans weighs just 12 lbs and has a built-in handle so you can move it from room to room with ease. Not that you'll need to do this often, thanks to Sans's category-leading coverage of 780 sq. ft.

Real Customers LOVE Sans

Why Sans?

Sans solves important problems other air purifiers don't.

Air Quality Display

Watch Sans work with real-time insight into your air quality.

Auto Mode Cleaning

Smart sensors monitor air quality and Sans kicks into high gear when needed.

HEPA 13 Filter

Medical grade filter removes 99.97% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and more.

Activated Carbon

Absorbs odors, harmful chemicals and gases, such as VOCs, formaldehyde and radon.

UV-C Light Sterilization

Destroys pathogens trapped inside Sans so they never come back to harm you.

Meditation Quiet

Quietest in class air purification.

Clean Air Club

Filters ship automatically to you when you need them. Free shipping, always.

Ozone Free

Sans does not produce any ozone and is safe for your family and pets.

Sold out

As low as $16.15 per month


Breathe cleaner air with Sans. With coverage up to 780 sq. ft., Sans is perfect for your home, whether it be an apartment or house. Protect your loved ones from viruses, bacteria, allergens, harmful chemicals, odors and mold.


SmartPure technology constantly monitors the air in your space and adjusts filtration accordingly. Gain real-time insight into your air quality with the digital AQI (Air Quality Index) display.


One less thing to worry about. Simply plug in and Sans will take care of the rest.


Technical Details

  • Pre-filter, HEPA 13 filtration, activated carbon for chemical absorption and a powerful internal UV-C light to sterilize airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Absolutely no ozone produced. Sans is completely safe.
  • SmartPure technology features precise sensors and a digital display to monitor your air quality and show your AQI in real-time.
  • Automated air cleansing based on air quality.
  • Whisper quiet. Sans won't disturb you while you sleep.
  • Child lock.
  • Filter replacement indicator. Our filter provides 2200 hours (three months) of continuous protection.