How to Properly Use Your Sans

Air purifiers are powerful devices that filter indoor air to ensure you’re breathing clean, high-quality air when you’re at home or in your office. They’re built on fans, filters, and other technology that is capable of purifying recirculated indoor air.


The Sans air purifier is intuitive to use. Simply position it in your desired location, turn it on, and let it work its magic. However, if you want to maximize its performance and usage, there are a few things you can do to make the most of it.


These tips will guide you on how to properly use your Sans air purifier.

How to Use Your Sans Air Purifier: 5 Tips

Your Sans is already a powerful device on its own. Here’s how to give it an even bigger boost. 

1. Place your Sans in the most strategic places.


Having a high-quality air purifier like Sans is beneficial in improving and maintaining your indoor air quality. However, to fully leverage it, it’s vital to know where the best places are to put your Sans unit.


Remember that air purifiers need breathing space, so it’s best to keep an adequate distance between the wall and your purifier to ensure unobstructed air circulation.


It’s also important to place it right where the sources of pollutants are, if possible. For instance, if your kitchen carries a heavy smell of oil, you might want to position your Sans near the stove. This ensures your purifier catches all particles, nasty odors, and harmful gases.


Similarly, place your Sans device near entry points with high airflow so it can immediately target particles before they enter your home. This might include near a window, corridors, doorways, hallways, or spaces frequented by pets.


2. Replace your filters as needed.


Over time, as your Sans air purifier collects more pollutants, it’s natural for it to lose some of its efficiency. That’s why it’s important to replace your filters as required.


For your convenience, Sans offers a three-stage replacement filter that already includes the pre-filter, HEPA-13 medical-grade filter, and activated carbon filter. Sans filters are designed to ensure that no bacteria, viruses, or odors are left behind.


More importantly, be sure to read and follow the replacement guidelines for maintaining your Sans air purifier to ensure it operates optimally.


3. Keep your home clean to support your Sans.


Now more than ever, your home might be incredibly busy. It might be where your kids go to school and a workspace for the adults. Many common at-home bacteria and viruses could be circulating without your knowing it.


That’s why it’s important to frequently clean your home and household items – to support the capabilities of your Sans air purifier.


With over 362 species residing on it, sponges should be replaced or disinfected at least once a week. Hand towels should be swapped once a week. The kitchen sink should be wiped and disinfected daily. For items used when handling raw products, clean them immediately after use.


Similarly, toilets should be cleaned at least once a week. Baths and showers can be every other week, but take time to wipe or spray surfaces regularly in between full cleanings.


Be sure to vacuum tile floors, hardwood, and carpets once a week, even more frequently if you have pets. When it comes to mopping floors, the higher the foot traffic (hence more bacteria), the more often it should be done.


Ultimately, supplementing your Sans device with regular, proper home cleaning will help ensure you breathe purer, safer air.


4. Keep doors and windows closed when the purifier is on.


Outdoor air is vital in creating and maintaining the quality of indoor air. But if it’s not properly filtered, the air in your home can welcome contaminants that could build over time. Plus, outside air pollution – like fireworks, winter inversions, and wildfires – impact indoor air quality.


While your Sans effectively cleans the air in your home, it works more efficiently in enclosed, confined spaces. It’s best to keep indoor air as clean as possible by limiting the introduction of outdoor air and its pollution.


When your Sans is on, be sure to keep doors and windows closed. Consider sealing leaky openings as well to ensure purified air doesn’t escape your home.


On the flip side, proper ventilation is also important in maintaining healthy indoor air. You can still open doors and windows occasionally to bring fresh air into your home. Just be sure to turn off your purifier at this time.


5. Leave your Sans on.


Maintaining clean, fresh indoor air is easier done with consistent purifying from Sans.


Your device is energy-efficient so it’s best to leave it on 24/7 at lower speeds. This will continuously trap airborne contaminants. This is especially important for people with health conditions such as allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues that make them vulnerable to poor air quality.

There is also an auto mode feature that regulates the speed to ensure it works efficiently. Based on the quality of the air, Sans’ fan will adjust accordingly to ensure no energy is wasted.


Having an air purifier like Sans can help eliminate airborne contaminants circulating your home or office. When used properly, following the five tips shared above, you can maximize its ability to keep you and your family safe by effectively removing pollutants indoors. Ultimately, with proper use and care, your Sans can help improve your sleep, allergies, and overall quality of life.


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