"We use Sans purifiers to ensure our guests breathe the cleanest air. One of our favorite features unique to Sans is its digital AQI display and three-color lighting notification system." 

"The Sans air purifier does wonders for your indoor air quality. It comes equipped with advanced filtration technology to keep your home air healthy and your family safe." 

"Sans features precise sensors and adjusts as necessary to purify the air. The HEPA 13 filter gets to work, eliminating smaller particles you won't be able to spot. Activated Carbon even neutralizes odors to help the air smell fresher as well." 

"This purifier is an amazing find. The design is super unobtrusive and fits seamlessly in front of a white wall without much visual obstruction. It’s also very quiet—so much so that I frequently forget it’s there."

"This purifier is fairly small but really powerful and effective. It just blends right into his nursery, and you can turn the light on it off so it doesn't distract when it's bedtime."

"And thanks to the built-in handle and lightweight design (it only weighs 14 pounds), this purifier is easy to transport from room to room. Not to mention, its sleek design fits into spaces as if it were a piece of decor."

The Sans Difference

Happy Home. Healthy Body. Peaceful Mind.


All of the tech with none of the complexity. Sans is intuitive and easy to operative without compromising on function.


Sans features state of the art science and technology to create a clean and healthy home for you and your family.


Sans is designed to blend seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic. Each product is a showpiece, not an eyesore.